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General terms and conditions

1. Ge­ne­ral

The­se ge­ne­ral terms and con­di­ti­ons ap­p­ly to Wra­ge GmbH ("Wra­ge"). The ge­ne­ral terms and con­di­ti­ons are part of the contract re­gard­less of the me­thod of the or­der (in per­son, by mail, by pho­ne or on­li­ne).

Wra­ge re­ser­ves the right to chan­ge the­se ge­ne­ral terms and con­di­ti­ons. Any chan­ges ma­de shall co­me in­to force as so­on as they ha­ve be­en pu­b­lis­hed on the In­ter­net. For or­ders pla­ced on­li­ne, the ge­ne­ral terms and con­di­ti­ons will be in­clu­ded in the purcha­se contract, pro­vi­ded the cust­o­m­er clicks on the check­box "I ha­ve re­ad and ac­cep­ted the terms and con­di­ti­ons."

The ge­ne­ral terms and con­di­ti­ons ap­p­ly to con­su­mers (Sec­ti­on 13 BGB, Ger­man Ci­vil Code) as well to en­t­re­p­re­neurs (Sec­ti­on 14 BGB, Ger­man Ci­vil Code). In in­s­tan­ces whe­re cer­tain ru­les ap­p­ly to en­t­re­p­re­neurs on­ly, the­se in­s­tan­ces will be no­ted whe­re ap­pro­pria­te.

Wra­ge ack­now­led­ges con­tra­ry or other­wi­se dif­fe­ring terms and con­di­ti­ons, un­less Wra­ge has agreed to other such terms and con­di­ti­ons in wri­ting.

When or­de­ring ti­ckets and/or vou­chers, the cust­o­m­er in­structs Wra­ge to pro­cu­re (de­li­very) or pro­vi­de (pick-up) ti­ckets for each sel­ec­ted event or pro­cu­re or pro­vi­de vou­chers.

For or­ders pla­ced on­li­ne, the contract bet­ween Wra­ge and the cust­o­m­er shall co­me in­to ef­fect as fol­lows:
The cust­o­m­er gi­ves Wra­ge wi­th­dra­wal aut­ho­ri­za­t­i­on. The cust­o­m­er can print out the ti­cket him­s­elf. In this ca­se, the contract will co­me in­to ef­fect with the de­bit by Wra­ge. If Wra­ge choo­ses not to ac­cept the cust­o­m­er's of­fer, Wra­ge will in­form the cust­o­m­ers by e-mail. This in­for­ma­ti­on is, howe­ver, not le­gal­ly bin­ding.
The cust­o­m­er trans­fers the par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on fee to Wra­ge. In this ca­se, the contract shall co­me in­to ef­fect when the ti­ckets are mai­led by the Wra­ge. If Wra­ge does not want to ac­cept the cust­o­m­er's of­fer, Wra­ge will in­form the cust­o­m­ers by email. This in­for­ma­ti­on is, howe­ver, not le­gal­ly bin­ding.

2. Pri­ces/de­li­very char­ges

The pri­ce ad­ver­ti­sed or pos­ted on the In­ter­net or by pho­ne is bin­ding for the sel­ec­ted or­der. In­cor­rect­ly ad­ver­ti­sed pri­ces will be poin­ted out be­fo­re the or­der is pla­ced.

In ad­di­ti­on to the pri­ce sta­ted, a de­li­very and/or ti­cket fee and/or filing fee and/or boo­king fee may be in­cur­red on each or­der pro­cess. The­se ad­di­tio­nal char­ges are in­di­ca­ted wi­t­hin each re­spec­ti­ve or­der.

All pri­ces in­clu­de va­lue ad­ded tax (VAT) due.

If spe­ci­al dis­count pri­ces (for stu­dents, se­ni­or ci­ti­zens, di­sa­b­led per­sons etc.) ha­ve be­en gran­ted, this will al­so be in­di­ca­ted se­pa­ra­te­ly. If no spe­ci­al dis­count pri­ces are in­di­ca­ted, they can­not be gran­ted. The gran­ting of dis­counts re­qui­res pro­per pro­of (stu­dent card, ID card with pro­of of age or se­ver­e­ly han­di­cap­ped ID in ac­cor­dance with the Se­ver­e­ly Han­di­cap­ped Act). This pro­of must be pro­vi­ded at ac­cess con­trol. If evi­dence can­not be pro­vi­ded, the dif­fe­rence bet­ween the full pri­ce and the dis­coun­ted pri­ce must be paid la­ter to be aut­ho­ri­zed for ac­cess.

3. Pay­ment

Pay­ment must be ma­de by one of the me­thods lis­ted. If this re­sults in ad­di­tio­nal fees char­ged by Wra­ge, the­se fees will be in­di­ca­ted se­pa­ra­te­ly. All pri­ces and fees are due im­me­dia­te­ly upon con­clu­si­on of the contract.

If a pay­ment is re­ver­sed (e.g. due to in­s­uf­fi­ci­ent funds in the ac­count spe­ci­fied in the or­der), Wra­ge is en­t­it­led to prompt re­turn of the or­de­red ti­ckets or vou­chers. The con­trac­ting part­ner must com­pen­sa­te Wra­ge for any da­ma­ge or ex­pen­ses re­sul­ting from a char­ge­back. This in­clu­des bank char­ges and pro­ces­sing fees in the amount € 5, - per char­ge­back for pro­ces­sing by Wra­ge. In the event of a char­ge­back, Wra­ge is en­t­it­led to ter­mi­na­te the contract im­me­dia­te­ly. The con­trac­ting par­ty shall then lo­se his right to par­ti­ci­pa­te in the event boo­ked. Fur­t­her claims by Wra­ge against the con­trac­ting part­ner will not be af­fec­ted by this.

4. Wi­th­dra­wal / Can­cel­la­ti­on

If the con­trac­ting part­ner choo­ses not to par­ti­ci­pa­te in the event, he must de­cla­re his wi­th­dra­wal from the contract in wri­ting and re­turn the ti­ckets to Wra­ge.

4.2 In ca­se of wi­th­dra­wal/can­cel­la­ti­on up to six weeks be­fo­re the start of an event the se­mi­nar fee will be re­fun­ded af­ter de­duc­ting a hand­ling fee of € 20.00.

In ca­se of wi­th­dra­wal/can­cel­la­ti­on up to two weeks be­fo­re the start of an event with a ti­cket pri­ce of € 450.00 or mo­re, the se­mi­nar fee will be re­fun­ded af­ter de­duc­ting a hand­ling fee of € 70.00.

In ca­se of wi­th­dra­wal/can­cel­la­ti­on up to two weeks be­fo­re the start of an event with a ti­cket pri­ce be­low € 450.00, the ti­cket pri­ce re­fun­ded af­ter de­duc­ting a hand­ling fee of 20% of the ti­cket pri­ce.

In ca­se of wi­th­dra­wal/can­cel­la­ti­on up to one week be­fo­re the start of an event, the ti­cket pri­ce will be re­fun­ded re­gard­less of the amount af­ter de­duc­ting a hand­ling fee of 40% of the ti­cket pri­ce.

The gran­ting of ad­di­tio­nal can­cel­la­ti­on rights for the con­trac­tu­al part­ner must be ac­com­pa­nied by sub­s­tan­ti­al grounds. In this ca­se, no re­fund will be ma­de.

The con­trac­ting par­ty re­ser­ves the right to pro­ve a lo­wer cost.

4.8 Wra­ge re­com­mends that the con­trac­ting part­ner ta­kes out a se­mi­nar in­suran­ce po­li­cy. In­for­ma­ti­on on se­mi­nar in­suran­ce may be found on the www.wra­ge.de.

4.9. If Wra­ge is not the or­ga­niser of the event its­elf but on­ly sel­ling ti­ckets, the can­cel­la­ti­on po­li­cy of the event or­ga­niser ta­kes place.

5. De­li­very

The de­li­very of ti­ckets/vou­chers is de­pen­dent upon on the cho­sen me­thods of pay­ment and de­li­very. If ti­ckets are not pi­cked up at the box of­fice, the de­li­very of the ti­ckets/vou­chers will be in­i­tia­ted when pay­ment is re­cei­ved by Wra­ge. If the con­trac­ting part­ner does not re­cei­ve the ti­cket/vou­cher wi­t­hin 14 days af­ter boo­king and pay­ment, the con­trac­ting par­ty is en­t­it­led to in­form Wra­ge of this im­me­dia­te­ly. If the cust­o­m­er is an en­t­re­p­re­neur as con­tai­ned in Sec­ti­on 14 BGB (Ger­man Ci­vil Code) and if purcha­sed ti­ckets/vou­chers are lost du­ring ship­ment via stan­dard let­ter, any claims against Wra­ge will be ex­clu­ded.

If the ti­ckets/vou­chers are lost du­ring ex­press de­li­very or cou­ri­er (if this is sti­pu­la­ted by contract), Wra­ge will re­place the lost ti­ckets/vou­chers or, if no re­p­la­ce­ment is pos­si­b­le, re­fund their con­trac­ted va­lue.

Com­pa­nies as con­tai­ned in Sec­ti­on 14 BGB be­ar the risk of loss or da­ma­ge of ti­ckets/vou­chers upon being de­li­ver­ed to the car­ri­er by Wra­ge, un­less they cho­se to pick them up at Wra­ge or at the re­spec­ti­ve ti­cket of­fice.

6. Can­cel­la­ti­on of the event by Wra­ge

If the event is can­cel­led, Wra­ge shall re­fund any pay­ments ma­de. Ship­ping costs and other ad­di­tio­nal fees will be re­fun­ded on­ly if the can­cel­la­ti­on of the event was due to in­tent or gross ne­g­li­gence by Wra­ge.

If the event has be­en post­po­ned, the con­trac­ting part­ner is en­t­it­led to wi­th­draw from the contract. Wra­ge is en­t­it­led to in­form the con­trac­ting par­ty im­me­dia­te­ly by one of the me­thods gi­ven when the ti­ckets/vou­chers we­re boo­ked (by mail, by e-mail, te­le­pho­ne, etc.). The sen­ding of such in­for­ma­ti­on will be con­si­de­red ade­qua­te. Any was­ted tra­vel ex­pen­ses, ho­tel boo­kings, etc. will be re­fun­ded by Wra­ge on­ly if the can­cel­la­ti­on of the event or the lack of in­for­ma­ti­on of the con­trac­ting par­ty is ba­sed on gross ne­g­li­gence or in­tent.

7. Lia­bi­li­ty

The lia­bi­li­ty of Wra­ge for con­trac­tu­al, qua­si-con­trac­tu­al, sta­tu­to­ry, tort or other le­gal ba­sis is ex­clu­ded. This does not ap­p­ly in ca­ses of in­ju­ry to life, bo­dy or health con­cerns or if the in­ju­ry is ba­sed on in­ten­tio­nal or gross­ly ne­g­li­gent con­duct of Wra­ge or its vi­ca­rious agents or in ca­ses whe­re a si­g­ni­fi­cant ob­li­ga­ti­on for achie­ving the pur­po­se of the contract has be­en vio­la­ted.

8. Gua­ran­tee

Wra­ge does not gua­ran­tee the suc­cess of the events of­fe­red.

9. Law

If the cust­o­m­er is a mer­chant as con­tai­ned in the HGB (Com­mer­ci­al Code) or has a per­ma­nent re­si­dent in a for­eign coun­try, the court of ju­ris­dic­ti­on for all dis­pu­tes is Ham­burg. Wra­ge re­ser­ves the right to bring ac­ti­ons at the court of the con­trac­ting par­ty.

The laws of the Fe­de­ral Re­pu­b­lic of Ger­ma­ny ap­p­ly, ex­clu­ding the UN purcha­sing con­ven­ti­on. Im­pe­ra­ti­ve pro­vi­si­ons of the law of the sta­te in which the cust­o­m­er has his ha­b­i­tu­al abo­de shall re­main un­af­fec­ted.